Convert Ounces to Pounds

It is general knowledge that 16 ounces makes one pound, so the calculation to convert ounces to pounds should be simple enough. However, when you want to rest your brain, use an online conversion tool to get the calculation done fast.

How the Widget Works

The weights of multiple goods in the U. S. are measured using the customary system of pounds and ounces. There are times when you might need to convert one unit of weight to the other, such as when making comparisons of food items or converting cooking measurements. The widget builds on the simple formulas that converts pounds to ounces and the reverse, ounces to pounds.


The first part of the widget converts ounces to pounds. To make the calculation:

  1. Enter the number in ounces (oz) you want to convert in the first box.
  2. Click "Calculate."
  3. The widget displays your answer in pounds (lb) in the answer field.

The second part of the widget converts pounds (lb) to ounces (oz). To make this conversion:

  1. Enter the number in pounds (lb) you want to convert in the first box.
  2. Click "Calculate."
  3. The widget displays your answer in ounces (oz) in the answer field.

You can clear your results from the widget so you can enter new numbers by clicking the "Clear" button at the bottom.

Performing Manual Conversions

If you need to do a manual conversion of these units of weight measurement, the conversion formulas are as follows.

Pounds to ounces: To convert pounds to ounces, use the conversion: one pound = 16 ounces

  • Multiply your number in pounds by 16 ounces to convert to ounces
  • For example, 5 pounds = 5 x 16 = 80 ounces

Ounces to pounds: To convert ounces to pounds, use the conversion: one ounce = 0.063 pounds

  • Multiply your number in ounces by 0.063 to convert to pounds
  • For example, 100 ounces = 100 x 0.063 = 6.3 pounds

A Converter You Can Rely On

Conversion widgets such as this calculator can simplify a busy day and a busy life. It is accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone, whether you are at home or out, offering a convenient tool no matter where you are.

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