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Looking for a quick, easy and convenient way to calculate some of the fun facts and figures in your life? Perhaps you have grown tired of having to look up specific formulas on the internet, write them down, replace the placeholders with your own numbers, and plug all of those figures into the calculator on your desk only to realize that you put one number wrong somewhere along the way.

Practical Fun With Numbers

Arithmetic is all around you if only know where to look. Some general math calculators can be used just for fun, while others may have much more practical applications in your day-to-day life. Use the handy LoveToKnow calculator and conversion widgets for a variety of possible purposes.

  • Eating Out: You're enjoying a nice meal with a great group of friends and then the check arrives. Instead of simply guessing what your share should be and how much you want to leave for the wait staff, use a convenient tip calculator and eliminate the guesswork. Input the specifics of the items you ordered, the sales tax, and the tip percentage to get how much you owe.
  • School and Academia: Each grade is assigned a certain point value and it can get a little messy figuring your exact grade point average. An easy-to-understand GPA calculator completely simplifies the process to provide the number you need.
  • Creative Expression: The arts aren't that separate from the sciences after all. For example, you might want to calculate such numbers as the aspect ratio for a photograph so you can figure out how best to alter it to align with Facebook header image guidelines or to fit in your custom picture frame.
  • Basic Conversions: What is 5/8 as a percentage instead? What is 22% of $12,450? If you need to convert numbers from one form to another, a simple and straightforward percentage widget can deliver the right format quickly.

Mathematically Sound

A life better quantified is a life better understood. This collection of online calculators and converters from LoveToKnow can bring order and organization to a world that is seemingly so random and chaotic. Use these widgets in every aspect of your life for improved clarity and convenience.

General Calculators and Conversion Tools