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It is easy to memorize or convert between a few common fractions and percentages. However, with more complex fractions, you might reach for the calculator or, better yet, use our fraction to percentage widget to make quick and simple conversions.

Using the Conversion Widget

To convert a fraction to a percentage, use the first line of the widget:

  1. In the first box, enter the whole number if you have a mixed fraction. Leave it blank if you don't.
  2. The next two boxes take the fraction:
    • Enter the numerator of the fraction in the top box.
    • In the bottom box, enter the denominator of the fraction.
  3. Click "Calculate" to display your percentage answer in the next field.

Use the second line of the widget to do the reverse, converting a percentage to a fraction:

  1. Enter your percentage number (without the percent sign) in the box.
  2. Click "Calculate" to get your percentage displayed as a fraction in the following field.

To perform a new conversion, click the "Clear" button that appears at the bottom after your first calculation.

Understanding Percentages and Fractions

Percentages and fractions are two different ways to express parts of a whole. A percentage number represents parts per hundred. In other words, 15% is equivalent to 15 parts per 100. A fraction, on the other hand, is a number divided into parts by another number.

You express a fraction in writing as a numerator (the number on top) over a denominator (the number on bottom), with "/" between them to represent the division sign. For example, nine-fourths is written as 9/4. There are three types of fractions:

  • Mixed fractions consist of a whole number and a fraction. For example, 3 and 2/5 is a mixed fraction, written as 3 2/5, with a space between the whole number and the fraction.
  • Proper fractions do not include a whole number. The numerator of the fraction is smaller than the denominator. For example, 3 over 4 is written as 3/4.
  • Improper fractions also lack a whole number. The numerator of the fraction is bigger than the denominator. For example, 17 over 5 is written as 17/5. This improper fraction can be further converted to its mixed fraction equivalent of 3 2/5.


Simple fraction-percentage interconversions, such as 1/2 = 50%, are easy to memorize or calculate but others might not be so simple. It can be difficult, for example, when you have a list of fractions and want to arrange them in a pattern of largest to smallest. Converting these fractions to percentages will make this task easier.

In another example, a document from your accountant says 1/6th of your income went to pay your child's school fees and you want to know what this fraction is as a percentage. Our conversion widget can simplify your calculations.

Converting Without Using the Widget

Calculating finances

You can convert fractions and percentages and vice versa yourself without the widget by following the right steps.

Fraction to Percentage

To convert a fraction to a percentage on paper or with a calculator, a simple method is to:

  1. Divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator.
  2. Multiply the decimal results by 100% (because a percentage is parts per 100).

For example, to convert the proper fraction 3/4 to its percentage equivalent:

  1. Divide 3 by 4 = 0.75
  2. Multiply 0.75 by 100% = 75%

Percentage to Fraction

By using a simple calculation, you can convert a percentage number to a fraction:

  1. Express the percentage as a fraction by putting the number over 100%.
  2. Simplify or reduce this fraction to its lowest denominator by dividing both top and bottom by their greatest common factor. The greatest common factor is the largest number by which both the numerator and denominator can be evenly divided.

For example, to convert 75% to its equivalent fraction:

  1. Express 75% as a fraction over 100% = 75%/100% = 75/100
  2. Simplify the fraction:
    • The greatest common factor of 75 and 100 is 25.
    • Divide 75 and 100 by 25, thereby reducing 75/100 to 3/4.

Therefore, 75% is equal to the fraction 3/4.

Speed up the Process

Converting fractions to percentages and the other way around can be simple but a converter widget can significantly expedite the process when the calculations are more complicated. When you have complex numbers or a long list of numbers to convert, eliminate the chance of error by using our widget calculator.

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