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Need a jump start to motivate you to eat healthier and be more active? When you're looking to lose weight, bulk up, get toned, or just focus on fitness for your overall health, using widgets to track your stats can help you stay motivated and provide useful data as you make changes in your life. In this section of LoveToKnow, you'll find useful tools to measure, track and convert information to achieve your wellness goals.

Tracking Your Health and Fitness

Taking good care of yourself is not an exact science, but being able to quantify where you're at right now can help you start on the path to where you need to be. Health-centered calculators and converters can simplify complex data and make it fun. Use these widgets to assess where you are now and where you want to be.

  • BMI Calculator: Your body mass index (BMI) can be assessed and tracked with a BMI calculator. Simply enter your height and current weight, and this widget uses that information to compute your BMI stats. Based on that figure, the body mass index categorizes you into one of four weight categories: underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.
  • Ideal Weight Calculator: If you're trying to lose excess weight, the first thing you probably want to know is your ideal weight. That figure can then be used to determine how much weight you would need to lose, so you can set short-term and long-term diet and exercise goals. Input your current weight, height, age, and gender into the ideal weight calculator, and it then reveals an approximation of the weight that's best for you.
  • BMR Calculator: Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) tells you how much energy is expended by your body when you're at rest in a thermally neutral environment. A BMR calculator can help you determine approximately what that rate is so that you can then determine how many calories you'd burn if you just sat around all day. That data can help you determine how much exercise you need to do to burn a certain number of calories as well as how many calories you can eat while still losing weight.
  • Fertility Calculator: When trying to conceive a child, a woman needs to determine what the best days are to be intimate with her partner to increase the odds of successful conception. A fertility calculator helps determine the days when you are most fertile after you enter such facts as the date when your last period began and the length of your average cycle. Some fertility calculators can even show such data as when the baby's due date would be if you were to conceive this month.

Keep Fit and Have Fun

There are so many daily decisions that go into living a healthy lifestyle. Why not make it as easy on yourself as possible with simple yet powerful widgets? LoveToKnow Health and Fitness Calculators and Converters offers the online tools you need to take control of your plans for healthier living.

Health and Fitness Calculators and Converters