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When you need to convert one unit of measurement to another in a hurry, there's no need to search for a calculator or to dig into your memory for a conversion formula. The LoveToKnow Measurement Converters will simplify and speed up the task for you. Just plug in your number and in seconds the conversion tool makes the calculation to the units of measure you need.

Tools You Will Find Useful

No matter what unit of measurement you want to convert, you will find a useful LoveToKnow conversion tool for it. You won't have to waste your time searching various other websites when you can find all the converters you need in one place. Examples of our converters include:

  • Decimal to Fraction Converter: This tool converts a decimal number and displays it as a fraction. If you want the reverse, you use the same tool to convert a fraction to a decimal. Students and scientists, as well as writers and other researchers who need to make quick calculations, will find this a handy converter.
  • Miles to Kilometers Converter: Traveling from the United States to Europe and need to convert miles to the metric system before or after to reach your destination? Converting to the metric system can seem difficult, but you don't need to remember that one mile equals 1.6 kilometers or that one kilometer equals 0.6 miles. Just use our Miles to Kilometer Converter to make the conversion from one unit to the other.
  • Feet to Meters Converter: This LoveToKnow tool, handy for do-it-yourself woodworking and industrial jobs alike, converts meters to feet and feet to meters. You might also find this converter beneficial when you travel from a non-metric to a metric country, or the other way around.
  • Inches to Millimeter Converter: The inches to millimeters or centimeters converter, or vice versa, is useful for a wide range of people, from tailors, seamstresses and sewing hobbyists to students, researchers and healthcare providers. When precise measurements are critical, you don't need to take a chance with the calculations and conversions.

More Complex Conversions

In addition to the above examples of the many simple converters on LoveToKnow, you have access to tools to make more complex calculations too. These include such tasks as converting your measurements for volume, circumference, and area. Your answer is as easy and accessible as entering your values in the appropriate boxes of the specific converter.

Accurate and Reliable

In a busy, multi-tasking life, modern tools simplify tasks and make life more efficient and less stressful. Designed by our experienced computer and web experts, our LoveToKnow Measurement Converters fit this role, and are easy to use, handy, accurate, and reliable.

Measurement Converters