Convert Kilograms to Pounds

You shouldn't have to struggle to convert weights from the metric system to U. S. customary units of measure, or vice versa. The conversion formulas for kilograms to pounds, for example, might not be easy to recall. That's where an accessible, online converter widget can come in handy to make quick, easy work of the calculations.

What the Widget Does

Products you purchase might come from a country where weights are measured in the opposite system to the one you are used to. Or you are reading a fitness article that expresses body weights in the units you are unfamiliar with. What if you want to convert your weight on a kilogram scale to pounds?

In these situations and many others, this simple, easy-to-use widget converts kilograms of the metric system to pounds of the customary system, as well as the reverse calculation.

How to Use the Converter Widget

To make your conversions from kilograms to pounds or pounds to kilograms, follow these simple instructions.

The first part of the calculator allows you to convert kilograms to pounds.

  1. In the first box, enter the number in kilograms (kg) you want to convert.
  2. Click "Calculate."
  3. Your answer will display in the answer box in pounds (lbs).

The second part of the widget allows you to convert pounds into kilograms.

  1. In the first box, enter the number in pounds (lbs) you want to convert.
  2. Click "Calculate."
  3. Your answer will display in the answer box in kilograms (kg).

You can delete your results from the widget so you can enter a new number by clicking the "Clear" button that appears after your answer displays.

Calculating Between Pounds and Kilograms

woman doing calculations by hand

If you want to convert between the two systems by hand, you'll need to know the correct formulas.

To convert kilograms to pounds: The conversion formula is 1 kilogram is equivalent to 2.2046 pounds.

  • Multiply your number in kilograms by 2.2046 pounds.
  • For example, 100 kilograms equals 100 x 2.2046 = 220.46 pounds.

To convert pounds to kilograms: The conversion formula is 1 pound equals 0.453.59 kilograms.

  • Multiply your number in pounds by 0.45359 kilograms.
  • For example, 100 pounds equals 100 x 0.45359 = 45.359 kilograms.

Quick and Easy Conversions

This handy conversion widget will simplify the task of any number of weight conversions from kilograms to pounds, and the reverse, that you might need to make. You can rely on this tool to make accurate calculations, saving you time and effort.

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